Dr. Reinhold Bayerer gives a tutorial on Control of Power Semiconductors

Tutorial Dr. Reinhold Bayerer

Reinhold Bayerer studied physics at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany and completed in 1979. He continued at this University as Research Associate and achieved his doctor’s degree in physics in 1985. Since then, he works in the field of IGBT modules. A first paper on early IGBT-modules was given at PCI, Munich, 1987. He contributed to the fields of packaging technology, low inductance module design, test and application engineering, driver electronics, as well as manufacturing engineering. Several publications and patents may serve as a reference. Today, he is Fellow for physics of power modules and working at Infineon Technologies in Warstein, Germany.His tutorial covers firing or controlling, control behavior of MOSFET, trend at MOSFET, control behavior of SiC devices, trend at IGBT, lowering carrier concentration prior to turn-off, dV/dt- and dI/dt-control , gate-Inductance, safe operation area, safe operation area of diode and control diode-recovery