Rizqy Averous and his team receive Best Paper Award

Best Paper Award PEDG 2015

In the IEEE PEDG Conference 2015 in Aachen, Rizqy Averous and his team receive the Best Paper Award. His paper "Development of a 4 MW Full-Size Wind-Turbine Test Bench" has been selected by the conference committee into the three best papers among the papers presented in the conference. In addition to the oral presentation, the conference participants had a chance to visit and see the test bench live in the test hall of the Center for Wind Power Drives after the tutorial session. More detail information can be found in the abstract of the paper below.  


Development of a 4 MW Full-Size Wind-Turbine Test Bench

Nurhan Rizqy Averous, Marco Stieneker, Stefan Kock, Cristian Andrei, Alexander Helmedag,
Rik W. De Doncker, Kay Hameyer, Georg Jacobs, Antonello Monti

The in-field validation of wind turbines behavior is very time consuming and cost intensive, especially when fault ride-through (FRT) tests are conducted. Full-size wind-turbine test benches allow a realistic operation of wind turbines in an artificial environment. Due to the independency of wind and grid conditions, the cost and duration of the test program and certification can be reduced. This paper presents the development of 4 MW full-size wind-turbine test bench following a multiphysics hardware in-the-loop (HiL) concept. With the currently installed test bench setup, a synchronization of the device-undertest converters is possible. Through the measurement results of the test programs conducted on the test bench, the capability of the test bench in replicating the field conditions is demonstrated. In addition, a time consuming efficiency measurement can be performed with the reduced duration on the test bench. This shows another main benefit of the test bench compared to the conventional test method for wind turbines.