Completed Student Projects

Title of the work submitted by supervised by submitted
Technical Development of Wind Turbines in Germany From 1979 Until Now Dennis Brinckmann, Damian Jakimowicz, Zena Tulemat Hanno Stagge 13.03.2014
Building of a GUI in MATLAB for the Modeling of Larga PV Parks Mahmoud Golestani Far Hafiz Siddique 15.11.2013
Connection of a Cooling System and a PLC via BACnet Nikolaos Dracopoulos Stefan Engel 12.08.2013
Integration of Energy Storage Systems in High-Power Wind Energy Converters Ilka Bremer Marco Stieneker 21.12.2012
Development of a Gate Drive Unit (GDU) for of a Dual GCT Zhan Wang Thomas Butschen 04.12.2012
Simulation of Dual GCT Edward Van Brunt Thomas Butschen 05.09.2012
Development of a Galvanically Isolated Temperature Measurement Device for a 6 kV DC/DC Converter Fabian Striedter Stephan Thomas 17.11.2010
Extension of a Test System for Soft-Switching Isolated DC/DC Converters Michael Schubert Robert Lenke 23.05.2010
Implementation of an Application-Specific Control for an Isolated Soft-Switching DC/DC Converter Platform Nurhan Rizqy Averous und Min Luo Robert Lenke 20.05.2010
Extension of a Hardware Platform for the Evaluation of Isolated DC/DC Converters Christian Ronge Robert Lenke 12.03.2010
Economic Assessment of Gas-fired Mini Power Stations Andreas Röhder und Bartholomaeus Wasowicz Florian Mura 17.08.2009