Completed Bachelor Theses

Title of the work submitted by supervised by submitted
Comparison of DC Grids with Different Voltage Levels in Offshore Wind Parks Katharina Mütze Marco Stieneker 07.10.2014
Life-Cycle Cost for Solar, Wind and Diesel System David Link Ghada Merei 19.02.2014
Extension of the PSCAD Library Raphael Bleilevens Johannes Voss 04.12.2013
Extending the Plecs Library Rolf Loewenherz Johannes Voss 04.12.2013
Simulation and Investigations in Practice of a dc-dc Converter Daniel von den Hoff Johannes Voss 30.10.2013
Potential Analysis und Modeling of Load-Shift via Demand-Side-Management and Electromobility in the Context of the Future Energy System Kevin Jacqué Tjark Thien 24.09.2013
Design of a DC Collector Grid for Connecting Wind Energy Converters to High-Voltage DC Transmission Systems Jan Unland Marco Stieneker 24.09.2013
Optimized Voltage-Level for a High-Dynamic Machine Actuator Daniel Grote Markus Niessen 09.09.2013
DC/DC converter with bipolar supply Steffen Beushausen Johannes Voss 21.08.2013
Development of a Software Tool for the Design of LCL Filter in Wind Turbines Benedict Mortimer Marco Stieneker 27.03.2013
Integration of Battery Energy Storage Systems into Multimegawatt Wind Energy Turbines Julia Voss Marco Stieneker 06.03.2013
Analyse der klimaneutralen Wärmeversorgung von Camps der Standing Energy Capacity der Bundesanstalt Christoph Müller Garikoitz Etxeberria and Hanno Stagge 01.03.2012
Analysis of a Redundant Cascaded Cell Converter for High-Power Battery Energy Storage Systems Robynne Feix Marco Stieneker 27.02.2012
Design of Medium-Frequency Transformer for the Application in a Galvanically-Isolated DC/DC Converter Marius Mechlinski Nils Soltau 29.11.2011
Implementation of a Temperature Control and Blocking Experiment into the Test Bench for Thyristor-based Devices Jacob Teichrib Thomas Butschen 28.11.2011
Simulation and Development of Silicon Power Devices Keijo Jacobs Thomas Butschen 28.11.2011
Development of a Package for a Dual-GCT Murat Kaymak Thomas Butschen 28.11.2011
Comparison of Different Topologies for a Modular Medium-Voltage Energy Storage System in the MW Range Karl Oberdieck Stephan Thomas 09.05.2011
Technical Analysis of Direct Current (DC) Grids Having Multiple Converter Stations Nick Seeger Florian Mura 28.10.2010
Management Strategies for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles in the Distribution Grid Zexiong Yan Benedikt Lunz 27.10.2010
Testing and Programming of a Programmable Logic Controller David Harig Stefan Engel 25.10.2010
Programming of a Software for Digitalization of Characteristic Diagrams in Data Sheets Jonathan Wirth Stefan Engel 22.10.2010
Control of a Medium-Voltage PWM Rectifier with LCL-Filter Christoph van der Broek Sebastian Richter 13.09.2010
Analysis of the Topology of DC/AC Converters for Connection Between DC High Voltage Power Lines and Small Cities Jan Ossenbrink Marcin Koniak 22.07.2010