Completed Master Theses

Title of the work submitted by supervised by submitted
Multi-Phase Permanent-Magnet Generator (PMSG) Concepts for Offshore Wind Turbines Connected to a Medium-Voltage DC (MVDC) Grid Sheharyar Ansari Nurhan Rizqy Averous 05.09.2014
Explorative analysis of scenarios for wind energy in Germany based on a visionary view of the energy supply system Dennis Friedrich Brinckmann Nurhan Rizqy Averous 27.08.2014
Impact of flexibility measures on conventional power plants Markus Plewnia Sedigheh Rabiee 06.07.2014
Oscillation Damping from a LCL- Filter by using an Active Resistance Florian Jansing Markus Niessen 23.05.2014
Development of the Process Control for a 5-MW-Battery-Storage-System Ferit Buke Hendrik Axelsen 08.04.2014
Design of a Resonant Control Strategy for Shunt Active Power Filtering Providing Bipolar Load Powering Christoph Schwill Johannes Voss 17.03.2014
An Optimized Gate Driver for High Performance 1700V SiC J-FET Converters Rajagopalan Jaganathan Hanno Stagge 29.01.2014
High-Power Bidirectional DC/DC Converter for Traction Application Jingxin Hu Hanno Stagge 15.12.2013
Extension of the Soft-Switching Operation Range of a Dual-Active Bridge DC-DC Converter by using an Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole Julian Lange Nils Soltau 28.11.2013
Connection of Battery Energy Storage Systems to Medium Voltage DC Grids Carolina Correa Marco Stieneker 14.11.2013
Bearing Current Study and Common-Mode Filter Design for Medium-Voltage Converters with Machine Loads Marius Mechlinski Hanno Stagge 08.11.2013
Control Development and Testing of Frequency Support Functionalities Provided by PV-Battery Inverter Systems Connected to the Distribution Network Sumedha Jetly Hafiz Siddique 24.10.2013
Series-Connected Dual-Active Bridges for the Integration of Wind Turbines into Medium-Voltage DC Grids Jan Riedel Marco Stieneker 27.09.2013
Comparison of collector grid topologies for large PV parks Hamidreza Jafarian Hafiz Siddique 12.08.2013
Developement of a High-Current Test Bench for Thyristor-Based Semiconductors Ander Ubillos Garikoitz Etxeberria 17.07.2013
Evaluation of the Power-to-Gas Concept as a Storage Solution for Excess Wind Energy Christoph Arts Marco Stieneker 26.06.2013
Design of the Current Loop Control for a Three-Phase Converter with High-Order Filters Qingyun Chen Hanno Stagge 22.04.2013
Investigation of Electrical Losses in a Doubly-Fed Generator (DFG) Wind Turbine Qizhou Chen Rizqy Averous 18.04.2013
Control of a High Performance Three-phase Photovoltaic Inverter Prem Pandiarajan Hafiz Siddique 15.04.2013
Untersuchung von DC Kollektor Grids in großen PV Kraftwerken Syed Mansoor Ali Hafiz Siddique 10.10.2012
Placing of VSC-HVDC Lines in a Meshed AC Network Jin Shuai Hanno Stagge 16.07.2012
Investigation and Evaluation of Life-Time Modulation of Charge Carriers in Bipolar Semiconductor Devices Ekhine Landaluze Vigo Thomas Butschen 11.07.2012
Simulation and Fabrication of a Dual-GCT Asier Iceta Thomas Butschen 28.11.2011
Design of a Control Hardware for an Auxiliary Resonant Commutated Pole Dual-Active Bridge Converter Abdulkerim Ugur Nils Soltau 06.09.2011
Analysis, Design and Implementation of a Control for a High-Power DC-DC Converter Hafiz Siddique Nils Soltau 06.04.2011
Analysis of a Modular Multilevel Converter for DC Grids Sheraz Shamin Florian Mura 14.02.2011
Extending the Operation Area of Soft-Switching in a Galvanic Isolated DC-DC Converter Abdul Mannan Nils Soltau 11.01.2011
Power Electronic Systems for High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Grids Gökhan Önal Florian Mura 18.11.2010
Development of a Dual GCT Rafael Szczesny Thomas Butschen 07.09.2010
Development of a Driver Circuit for a Dual GCT Garikoitz Etxeberria Thomas Butschen 06.09.2010
Implementation of a DSP-based Control for galvanic isolated DC/DC Converters Perinov Stephan Thomas 07.01.2010
Implementation of a Calculation Tool for Isolated DC-DC Converter Topologies Ismail Muttaqin Robert Lenke 16.11.2009
Influence of Distributed Storage Systems on the Integration of Renewable Energies in the Distribution Grid Subhadeep Bhattacharya Benedikt Lunz
Simulation and Visualization of the European Future Electrical Supply System with High Participation of Renewable Energy Resources Melchior Moos
Modeling of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Based on Impedance Spectroscopy Pablo Briones
Modeling and Optimization of a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery for a Hybrid PV-Wind-Diesel-Battery System Sophie Adler