Completed Diploma Theses

Title of the work submitted by supervised by submitted
Analysis and Optimization of a Charging Strategy for Electric Vehicle Fleets Nikos Dracopoulos Hendrik Axelsen 06.03.2014
Control Implementation and Optimization for a High-Power DC-DC Converter using an Industrial Control Unit Andreas Nies Nils Soltau 08.11.2013
Assessment of the "Power to Gas" Concept for Wind Energy Storage Christoph Arts Marco Stieneker 26.06.2013
Wind Energy Converter for DC Grids Kirk Boris Bissie Marco Stieneker 26.11.2012
Comparison of Power Converter Topologies in Wind Energy Turbines Weizhao Zheng Marco Stieneker 12.10.2012
Development of a Real-Time Capable Linux-Based Processor Platform with Programmable Logic and Communication Components Fabian Greif Felix Adler 13.09.2012
Modelling and Analysis of Photovoltaic Modules and Arrays Ping Xu Hafiz Siddique 01.06.2012
Modelling and verification of lead-acid batteries with cycled deep discharge Julia Badeda Tobias Blank 16.04.2012
Development of a Low-Cost Communication and Control Module Christian Krantz Felix Adler 09.01.2012
Develompent of an FPGA-based Interfacing Card for Industrial Control Kui Chen Felix Adler 21.12.2011
Voltage and Load Flow Control in Direct Current Grids Johannes Voss Florian Mura 09.11.2011
Development of an Integrated Amplifiying Gate Structure for SiC Thyristors Korbinian Kaltenecker Thomas Butschen 15.08.2011
Investigations on the Influence of Battery Aging on Vehicle-To-Grid Concepts Hannes Walz Benedikt Lunz 20.07.2011
Modeling and Dynamic Simulation of a Double Fed Induction Generator for Multi-Megawatt Wind Energy Converters Andreas Peters Marco Stieneker 06.06.2011
Design von Hochleistungs-Multi-Level-Cascaded-Cell-Umrichtern für Batteriespeichersysteme Jurij Schneider Marco Stieneker 22.05.2011
Design and Development of a Multilevel Resonant Converter with Wide Output Voltage Range Florian Vascu Nils Soltau 18.04.2011
Optimisation of the Internal Design of High Power Semiconductor Devices with Integrated Driver Stage Christian Ronge Michael Bragard 19.01.2011
Development of a Test Bench for Thyristor Based Devices Burga Turan Thomas Butschen 17.01.2011
Literature Analysis about Redox Flow Batteries for Chinese Research Market Ye Zhang Yu Wang 29.11.2010
Development of a Modular High-Power Converter System for Energy Storage Systems Marco Stieneker Stephan Thomas 28.04.2010
Redox Flow Cell for Storage of Renewable Energy Systems Julia Drillkens
Development of a Redox-Flow Battery for Energy Storage Andrin Petersen
Investigation on Power Electronic Systems for High Power DC/DC Converters Hauke van Hoek