Research Projects


Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (PED)
ALigN - Expansion of charging infrastructure through targeted grid support
CertBench - Systematic Validation of System Test Benches for the Certification of Wind Turbines
EffSkalBatt - Efficient, Scalable Battery Storage Systems
ENSURE - Kopernikus Project New Grid Structure
eTestHiL - Test methods for electric heavy-duty drivetrains based on multiphysical hardware-in-the-loop test benches
FEN P2 - Prototype development
FEN P3 - Test platform of a down-scaled research grid for control test
FEN P4 - Design, Construction and Testing of Campus FEN Research Grid
FVA Research Nacelle - Stresses on Drive Train Components of Wind Turbines
IDEAL - Innovative DC technology for a sustainable integration of modern charging infrastructure for electromobility
InFIS - Integrated Research Infrastructure
MVDC-OnBoard - On Board Power Supply Systems for Hybrid-electric Aircrafts

PVtec-Charger - Reliable and cost-optimized charging stations and new charging solutions for grid-serving and economical charging of electric vehicles with electricity from renewable energies

VirTuOS - Virtualization of test procedures for wind turbines via online services

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
Exergy - Exergy Battery Storage System (BSS) in Aachen
TILOS – Technology Innovation for the Local Scale Optimum Integration of Battery Energy Storage
WMEP (KfW 275) - Scientific measurement and evaluation program of pv battery systems 2.0