PV Kraftwerk2025


Innovation for next-generation PV Farm: new components, inverters and system solutions for a cost efficient power supply.

PV panels on a field picture was taken from above Copyright: © SMA Solar Technology AG Example PV Farm

Large PV farms play more and more important rules in the grid. To smoothen the energy output of a PV farm and to operate for longer periods at nameplate capacity, different topologies to integrate battery storage systems into the internal PV grid are analyzed. Thus PV farms can be more predictable and costs can be reduced. Different inverter/converter topology will be compared, in order to determine the optimal PV farm structure.

Another research focus in this project is the analysis of the transient behavior and the stability of a large PV farm. Unexpected resonance can happen due to the integration of highly nonlinear power electronic equipment. High dynamic models are required to be developed in order to explain the resonance and instability issue. Methods to improve the system stability shall be also studied.

Funding: BMWi

Partner: SMA Solar Technology AG, Infineon Technologies AG, Danfoss Silicon Power GmbH, Universität Kassel KDEE, FuE-Zentrum FH Kiel GmbH

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