On Board Power Supply Systems for Hybrid-electric Aircrafts

picture of an airplane Copyright: © PGS Hybrid-electric A320

This research project deals with the electrical supply infrastructure necessary to transport power for electrical thrust generation. In addition to the power system analysis from an aerospace perspective the introduction of a further medium voltage dc grid level will be investigated. Since by using a higher voltage level (> 1kV), losses and the total weight of the electrical power supply structure can be reduced. Moreover, the application of superconductors will be studied as those can provide an efficient power transfer already at low voltages (< 1 kV). Based on this and also due to the weight of superconductors, these could be an alternative to an on board medium voltage dc grid. The power system concepts will be applied to a model of a short range airplane configuration similar to the Airbus 320 to evaluate the different approaches.

Funding: BMWi

Partners: Institute of aerospace Systems, RWTH Aachen University

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