Test platform of a down-scaled research grid for control test

DC microgrid for research and control testing Copyright: © E.ON ERC Down-scaled dc test grid

In this project, a down-scaled dc test grid is designed and commissioned in the laboratory as a test platform for the controller of the MVDC campus grid. Two three-phase dual-active bridge (DAB) dc-dc converters are designed and commissioned for integrating PV energy and interfacing battery storage systems. Besides, a three-phase three-level neutral-point-clamped (NPC) ac-dc converter with LCL filter is designed and commissioned to interconnect the ac and dc grids. With an electronic or resistive load, a 380 V bipolar meshed dc grid configuration with four terminals is built up. In this working package, all converters are controlled by individual FPGA-based control platforms and a communication between the local converters and the system-level controller is developed. The controller design of DAB converters to achieve maximum-power-point-tracking for PV panels, and a high dynamic charging/discharging of batteries is verified with experimental results as well as the dc-link voltage control of the NPC converter with LCL filter. The constructed dc test grid will be used as a test platform for system-level control and Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop (PHIL) in other working packages.

Funding: BMBF, FEN Campus GmbH