Speichermonitoring BW


Scientific evaluation program for the subsidy program "Netzdienliche PV-Batteriespeicher" in Baden-Württemberg

Balkendiagramm Copyright: © ISEA Normalized retail system prices of lithium-ion storage systems as a function of the usable battery capacity

The project represents the scientific monitoring of the state-wide funding program for PV battery storage in Baden-Württemberg (“Netzdienliche PV-Batteriespeicher”). The focus of the monitoring is on the market and technology development of the supported storage systems.

Within the project, the market development of PV battery storage systems in Baden-Württemberg and the effect of the funding program will be recorded. To this end, a website was first developed. This serves on the one hand as an information portal for PV battery storage and on the other hand as a mandatory registration platform for buyers of subsidized storage systems. The master data collected within the registration process is used to show the temporal development of common market configurations, PV, storage and installation prices as well as the spatial distribution of storage systems in Baden-Württemberg. A comparison with the German market as a whole can then be used to evaluate the effects of the promotion program on market development in Baden-Württemberg.

funding: Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg