Open Modex /Flex Mex


Open Modex / Flex mex

Open Modex and Flex Mex are model experiments to compare and investigate the synergy potential of frameworks in the energy system analysis.

Open Modex compares 5 different open source frameworks. One main question aims at what are the strengths and weaknesses as well as the differences of the evaluated frameworks. Additionally, the impact of current access barriers on the development of new open source frameworks is part of the investigation. From the technological point of view the key aspect is the analysis of different technology implementations and consequential the different model results. Degrees of freedom in this consideration are especially variations of generation units, grids, storage systems and flexible loads as well as different modelling approaches.

Within the scope of the Flex Mex project, on the contrary, the comparison includes 9 different system models of various research institutions, which are only partly open source. Equivalent to Open Modex Flex Mex examines the impact of different technology implementations on the model results including the use of different components and modellings. The focus is on investigating the potentials of load balancing and sector coupling and in what way the different modeling approaches influence those potentials.

In addition, for Open Modex as well as Flex Mex technical-structural and economical questions of the various framework scenarios are part of the considerations.


  • Open Modex: TUM München, RLI Berlin, TUB Berlin, EUF Flensburg, ISEA
  • Flex Mex: DLR Stuttgart, DIW Berlin, FfE München, RLi Berlin, Univ. Duisburg-Essen EWL, Wuppertal Institut, IER Stuttgart, IAEW, ISEA