Kopernikus Project New Grid Structure

equivalent electrical circuits of converters Copyright: © PGS E.ON ERC, RWTH Aachen University New topology for HVDC – MVDC converters

The Kopernikus Project ENSURE pursues the goal to identify future energy grid structures necessary to succeed the energy transition with a holistic system approach. The energy policy efforts and climate protection goals of the Federal Government ("50-80-80") aimed at by the year 2050 make the transformation process of the current energy landscape inevitable. On the one hand, these changed framework conditions necessitate far-reaching adjustments to the electrical energy supply. On the other hand, a coupling of different energy sources and thus a coupling of the electricity, gas, heat and transport sectors is required.

The Institute for Power Generation and Storage Systems (PGS) focuses mainly on the development of power electronic solutions for future transmission and distribution grids. Next to new HVDC converter topologies that enable the coupling to MVDC distribution grids, the research at PGS also emphasizes on the development of overarching real-time simulation models of future grids with power electronics. It allows us to perform a systematic analysis on power electronic converters in a power grid as well as comprehensive validation of control algorithms in real time.

Funding: BMBF