Integrated Research Infrastructure

Picture of Testbench Condept Copyright: © PGS Overview of the testbench concept

Project InFIS is a subproject within the interdisciplinary infrastructure project Urban Energy Lab 4.0. The Urban Energy Lab 4.0 is coordinated by Prof. Dirk Müller and creates new experimental possibilities for the development and analysis of innovative urban energy supply concepts at RWTH Aachen University.

Within the framework of the InFIS project, geographically distant energy research infrastructures of RWTH Aachen University are to be virtually coupled with each other. For this purpose, test benches at different locations will be connected via real-time interfaces. In addition to the realization of the virtual connection, a grid emulator for low-voltage networks as power-hardware-in-the-loop (PHiL) test bench is to be developed and set up on the part of PGS. The test bench will enable analyses of DUTs (= devices under test) under different network conditions.