Machine Test Bench


Coupling of high-speed test bench and modular DC-DC converter

Switched reluctance machine at the high-speed test bench Copyright: © PGS E.ON ERC Switched reluctance machine at the high-speed test bench

The project "Kommunale Energieversorgungssysteme der Zukunft" (KESS), which was financed by the Strategy Fund of RWTH Aachen University, provides for the development and promotion of "integrated, disposable and decentralised power supply systems based on conventional and renewable primary energies" as the basis for creating largely regional, flexible and stable energy supply systems.

As part of this project, the infrastructure at the Institute was expanded with a modular DC-DC converter and a high-frequency direct current generator. The high-frequency DC generator, which can also be seen in the illustration, is currently being tested at the institute. The generator is a switched reluctance machine with a nominal speed of 15,000 rpm. The reluctance machine is designed for an output of 200 kW and is driven by the high-speed test bench. The rectifier on the generator side with an intermediate circuit voltage of 750 V then feeds back into the busbar of the high-speed test stand via the modular DC-DC converter.