Modular DC-DC Converter


DC-DC Converter for coupling with the high-power test bench

Switching cabinet with PE-modules Copyright: © PGS E.ON ERC

The modular DC-DC converter was procured as part of the KESS project and consists of 8 modules of 50 kW each. On the primary side, these are connected in series and coupled with the MVDC rail of the high-performance test stand. On the secondary side, the modules can be connected in different configurations, resulting in an output voltage of 380 V, 760 V or 1520 V as desired. In addition, this can be adjusted by 10 % in both directions during operation. The total power is always maintained due to the modularity.

The test stand allows a bidirectional power flow and works closely together with the high-power test stand. It makes it possible to test and characterise smaller electrical machines on the high-performance test bench, which are usually operated at a lower voltage.

In addition to its function in the high-power test bench, the converter can also be used to test other devices operated with DC voltage. Tests for DC-powered charging stations for electromobility are particularly useful here.