High-power test bench

  High-power test bench Copyright: © E.ON ERC PGS High-power test bench

The high-power test bench allows testing of different mechanical and electrical machines. In addition to the flexibility of the test bench with a number of configurations, the ability to test with high-speed testing capability is a unique feature. The control hardware of the test bench is interfaced with a real-time digital simulator (RTDS) to allow the PHIL (power hardware-in-the-loop) testing of equipment up to 5 MW.

The test allows measuring of power electronic converters and electric drives up to 5 MW, with a maximum speed of 15 000 rpm and a maximum voltage of 3,3kV (ac) or 5,5kV (dc).

Unlike real tests the high-power test bench provides the great advantage that the conditions can be completely controlled. Using the PHIL, a device under test (DUT) can be tested in a virtual environment. Thus, a device under test (DUT) can be tested for an infinite number of different virtual environments. This means that the PHIL provides a way to test DUTs under extreme conditions at a low risk.