Rizqy Averous and Marco Stieneker visit the PEMWA Symposium in Milwaukee, WI, USA presenting their papers


Rizqy Averous and Marco Stieneker visited the Power Electronics & Machines for Wind and Water Applications PEMWA 2014 Symposium in Milwaukee, WI, USA and presented their papers "Performance Characteristics of a Doubly-FedGenerator on a Test-Rig with Full-ScaleConverter-Based Grid Emulator" and "Optimum Design of Medium-Voltage DC Collector Grids Depending on the Offshore-Wind-Park Power".

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Performance Characteristics of a Doubly-Fed Generator on a Test-Rig with Full-Scale Converter-Based Grid Emulator

One key factor for a successfull penetration of wind turbine (WT) products into the market is certification. For the
development and certification purpose, a 1 MW test-rig for WT nacelles has been developed at RWTH Aachen University which offers the possibility of WT testing with emulated environmental conditions. In this paper, the performance characteristics of a doubly-fed-generator (DFG) on the developed test-rig is discussed. Firstly, the effect of filter impedance of the grid emulator on the controller performance is analyzed under normal grid conditions. Secondly, the transient characteristic of a DFG WT considering the grid emulator setup is identified. A simulation is performed to
verify the analysis. Under normal grid condition, the impedance of the grid emulator does not influence the controller of the DFG WT significantly. For fault-ride-through (FRT) tests with a grid emulator, only the series inductive elements of the grid emulator’s filter influence the transient characteristic of the DFG WT. The developed 1-MW test-rig fulfills the technical requirement for FRT test in terms of the grid impedance.

Optimum Design of Medium-Voltage DC Collector Grids Depending on the Offshore-Wind-Park Power

DC collector grids within offshore wind park offer advantages regarding efficiency and investment costs. Dualactive
bridge (DAB) dc-dc converter systems can be applied for stepping-up the dc output-voltage of wind turbines (WT). The increase of the voltage level reduces the effort for cabling and increases the system efficiency. Within this paper, the advantage of DAB converter systems used in offshore medium-voltage dc (MVDC) grids is presented. Also, the optimum design of wind park clusters regarding the wake effect and grid losses is investigated to maximize the energy yield.